J. Davis Studio
J. Davis Studio

J. Davis Studio is a family business.

The studio was officially established in 1987, but the artist, John Davis, has been producing pottery in the same building almost since he bought his first kiln when graduated from high school in 1973.


Raku Master, Tony, has worked at J. Davis Studio for nearly fifteen years, and his brother Jake, the Master Caster, for over six. John and his wife, Robin, are a husband and wife team who occasionally talk their younger daughter, Hannah, a communication major, into putting her multi-talents to use for them. Older daughter, Michaela, has a "Real Job" teaching special education in an elementary school in Dallas 500 miles away, so she's got a worthy excuse to have cut loose. But she too was once part of the "fambly" business, too.


We are committed to making quality American craft, listening to good music while we do it , and keeping our beloved studio dogs, Ginger and Olive, happy and supplied with good treats.


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J. Davis Studio
P. O. Box 246
Alpine, 79831

Phone: 432/837-3812

E-mail: info@jdavisstudio.com

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